Scottish Poker Series Live Blog: Level 11 (1000/2000/300)

by Martin Smith on 31/03/2013

15:21: Graham Pilkington’s exit hand from earlier was reported to me. He shoved 27k from the button with A6 and got called by Chris Roberts in one of the blinds with A9. Chris hit a 9 and it was all over Graham.

15:13: Players on a 15min break now. We have 40 left. 5 tables of 8.

15:10: Davie Nicol eliminated. He held AQ vs AJ all in preflop. David Campbell got lucky and hit a flush with his AJ.

14: 57: Strugglin to keep up with everything going on at the moment. Going to take some photos soon. 9 mins to go in the level then there’s a 20 min break.

14:54: Sally Burns (KQ) called a raise from Gary Campbell (A8). The flop came KT8 with 2 Clubs. They got it all in (Sally only had around 25k) but Gary hit a back door flush with his Ace of Clubs to eliminate Sally.

14:53: Some chip updates. Wullie Leckie 25k, Gary Bertram 210k, Robbie Bull 217k.

14:48: A bunch of eliminations. Robert Dziurdzia, Sally Burns, Graham Pilkington, Neil Sneddon, Norman Wilkie & Chris Sharkey.

14:42: Willie Paxton’s bust-out hand saw Gordon Harris limp in with Th9h. Willie Paxton also limped on the button with As2s. The flop came down T93 with 2 Spades. Gordon bet and Willlie shoved all in for his remaining 26k. Gordon called and hit a full house on the River to knock Willie out.

12:40: Neil Sneddon out. Didn’t catch the details. Willie Paxton also knocked out by Gordon Harris.

12:38: Lost Raymond Snow from Table 3. Eliminated by Andy MacKenzie. Andy held JJ vs Raymond’s AT on a Ten High flop. They got it all in and the JJ held.

14:36: 48 players remain. Just broken up table 7. Sally Burns has 30k which is about half of what she started with. Val Gray has 78k which is a big improvement from her 24k starting stack. Chris Wilson at 26k. David Gray 56k.

14:28: Julian Larrainzar out on Table 1.

14:24: Elimination on Table 1. Will go find out who it was.

14:23: Steven Convery out. He had been crippled to around 2.5k in a big then then went out shortly after.

14:22: Blinds went up about 15mins ago. I witnessed a hand on Table 1. John Johnstone open-shoved all in for around 85k at 1k/2k/300 and showed KK after no one called.

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Bradley Kerr March 31, 2013 at 15:19

How’s Mitchell Kerr doing?

Martin Smith March 31, 2013 at 15:20

Full counts should be on soon. Mitchell has 128,100 right now.

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